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Alan Hamasaid.. a different energy minister

Unlike those who have become ministers of education, Alan Hamasaid, the minister of education in the ninth cabinet of the regional government in a short time to attract the attention of citizens and education professionals and educational institutions, has made a number of important decisions to address the issue.

According to education experts and experts in the field of education, Alan Hamasaid, the Minister of Education of the ninth cabinet of the regional government, differs in all respects from other ministers of education and the current cabinet of the region, which is due to the fact that he is very busy and overtime.

In the report, they spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for the United States.
Regarding the performance of the Minister of Education, Ahmed Garmyani, President of the Kurdistan Teachers’ Union, told (Glory to Kurdistan): “It is really a different minister from all angles, because in the last eight months of his tenure, he has done a lot of beautiful and great work for the education process alone.”
Even during that time there was a mix of school and student issues. He has also twice attended a meeting of the Teachers ‘Training School and has been in direct contact with the Kurdistan Teachers’ Union and has also participated in the drafting of the Education and Training Bill, despite the excellent reforms in the education process.

The education process is one of the most important and sensitive processes in Kurdistan because it relates to all the families in Kurdistan and the rural areas, so if a minister is not very careful and is very tired, he will not be able to succeed, Ahmed Garmiani said.

The president of the teachers’ union said: “There are 3,000 staff, 6,000 teachers and one million and 4,000 students. If a minister does not skillfully consult with him, he may not be able to move forward with this important process.”
Despite the congratulations of the Teachers’ Union on the Minister of Education, Ahmed Garmiani calls for more emphasis on compulsory education and mathematics, science and English lessons at all stages of education and technology and the creation of an atmosphere about the school environment.

At the same time, Nechirvan Kalari, Secretary of the Kurdistan Students Union for (Glory to Kurdistan), points out that Professor Alan, the Minister of Education of the Kurdistan Regional Government, is one of the most active and active ministers of the KRG and has done a good job during the inauguration of the people, which is a source of pride and recognition. Alan is one of the ministers who is seen everywhere and in all schools, and is associated with all those who are connected to the educational center, and continues to work with great energy. This is a sign of sincerity, so we are very pleased with his work. We hope it continues.

During the inauguration, the Minister of Education suspended the issuance of new permits to private schools and institutes, as well as the teaching of teachers employed in private schools and private institutes, which led to equal employment opportunities for graduates.

Aram Kamal, one of the uneducated graduates, says: “I have completed the Arabic language department of Salahuddin University’s Language College for four years, but until the Minister of Education teaches teachers in private colleges and universities, there is no limit to the number of private schools.” I am educating myself, which has led me to become a teacher in one of the private schools. “

Regarding the importance of Kurdish education and the state of education in the Kurdish regions outside the region’s administration by the Minister of Education, Kamaran Ali Hassan, the director of the Kirkuk Education Supervision Unit, told (Glory to Kurdistan): “Without a lot of controversy, the Minister Happily, he has done a lot of good work for Kirkuk since his inauguration, including: with his inauguration, he has not deprived the demarcated areas of the decisions of the Ministry of Education, and has also been able to increase Kirkuk’s Nasriyah by four million, b. “Duzkhurmatu has donated three million dinars to Nasriyah, and he has promised to spend 3 million dinars on Kirkuk’s school supplies.”

“All the letters we have sent to the Council of Ministers have been submitted by the Minister of Education to be implemented, so the Kurdish minister and the men working for Kirkuk and the education situation in the Kurdish areas are in charge of the Kurdish education,” he said.

“As the Education and Higher Education Committee of the Kurdistan Parliament, we have good coordination with Mr. Minister of Education, and while we have been overseeing our work, we feel it is a very important decision,” said Galawej Obeid, a member of the Kurdistan Parliament’s Higher Education Committee. It will give a kick to the education process, so it is a finger in the eye and we are one of the most successful ministers and we look forward to a much better and more beautiful work that is very important to the education process right now.
“We are with him and we hope he will continue to work as he does now to serve the region’s education,” he said.

Experts in the field of education and personalities of students are also happy that a young and energetic minister is working to improve the education situation in Kurdistan.

“What distinguishes the Minister of Education from other ministers of education is a lot of hard work and energy, because what we have seen from the Minister of Education in schools and educational institutions, we have seen so much behind the scenes,” said Sarbast Hamid, an education expert. “It’s a pleasure for a young minister to do his job.”
“As far as the education minister is concerned, there is a very active and capable man who is worried about improving the education situation and the whole family is comfortable with the school environment,” Mam Abdullah Wahab,who has three children in school.

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