All articles and features of fourth issue of Shkoi Kurdistan newspaper

Shkoi Kurdistan

The fourth number of the monthly Kurdish newspaper (Shkoi Kurdistan) issued with the following articles and features:

*Baghdad and Erbil to jointly run KRG border crossings (front page)
*Why America doesn’t admit Rojava project? Syrian Kurdish party PYD asnwers(page 3)
*our main choice is to reopen schools at normal time: officials say (front page)

*The political parties have brought their disagreements into the government institutions (page 4)
*Hopelessness of the people of Kurdistan Region has broken all the borders( page 2)
*More than 22 thousand people have left Kurdistan Region in 8 months (page 2)
*76 billion ID devoted to Duhok province (page 6)

*Nearly 3000 Ezidis are still missing(page 8)

The best step to reopen the schools is to pay the teachers’ salaries(page 5)
*For the first time, pilot engineering department is opened in Kurdistan Region universities(page 2)

The possibilites after the 320 billion dinars sent by federal government of Iraq (opinio on page 3)

Kurdistan Islamic Group: KDP wants to put us under control, but we don’t accept it ( page 4)

Education ministry decided to pay non- emplyeed teachers as monthly as employed teachers.
*The Norwegian DNO company in Kurdistan Region announces its loans and products( page 6)

Purchasing wheat from Kurdistan region farmers and industrializing it(page 6)
*Why do all feel scared for bill of electronic media by Kurdistan parliament (page 7)
*Assessment of the bill of organizing electronic media in Kurdistan Region (page 7)

The ordeal of Christians in Kurdistan Region(page 8)

The Israel-UAE agreement and its international reactions(page 9)
*Washington recieves Irai prime minister(page 9)
*border crossings, the problematic and controversial issue between Kurdistan Region and Federal Government(page 10)
*Falling dollar value by 10 percent and its influence on economies(page 10)
*Facebook makes a new decision(page 11)
*Who loses if Messi leaves Barcelona(page 11)
*Coronavirus hits Toyota Company more than others(page 11)
*Pressure mounts on Huawei with threat of increased US sanctions(page 11)
*It is impossible for Messi to join Real Madrid(page 11)
*Gold price increase and its repercutions (page 12)

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