A kidnap survivor from Erbil shares the story

Shkoi Kurdistan–

The story of kidnapping a woman and fleeing her brother starts when a love story between two young persons is disclosed and they are seen together.

A survivor’s family member told Shkoi Kurdistan Newspaper that a day after this Nawroz of 2021 a woman named (Muhabad Shimal Ramadan) went out around 2 pm to visit a tailor. When going there, she was kidnapped by a black window car and taken to an unknown place. After being abused, she was thrown out of a moving car in a place near Erbil city border.

Bas news newspaper published an article about the case asking her uncle (Kamaran Mohammad Amin) how this happened, he stated that they had no any problems with anyone, but his nephew (Mohammad Shimal Ramadan) has left the country from August 2017 because he fell in love with a girl and they were dating as they were once seen by the family of the girl which was socially not accepted and he fled to Eroupe.

The newspaper also discovered that the suspect kidnapper related to Zebari tribe who reside near Duhok and Erbil cities and Mohammad’s life was under serious threat and that’s why he fled the country.

The reactions aired in social media networks as they asked arresting the kidnappers.

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