A Christianity blogger flees Kurdistan region as threatened by extremists

Shkoi Kurdistan-

Sulaimanyah Reporter- After he had started publishing video stories and pictures of Christianity for kids and young people, a young boy resided in Sulaimanyah has fled from the country as he was threatened by Islamic extremists.

Sartip Kadim Ahmad, now aged 29, went viral in 2020 and 2021 after being threatened for publishing a videos and pictures of Christianity for young and kids.
“my story begins when I knew two American christian people preaching to people, then we discussed establishing a web TV to introduce Christianity to people in Sulaimanyah.” Sartip told Shkoi Kurdistan.

“After a few months we started producing and publishing video stories and Cartoon Kurdish dubbing, we did all of them in my own studio without considering the challenging situation in Kurdistan region.” Sartip added.
“I was given responsibility of registering the website, designing and monitoring the videos, the stories and creating an application, but I couldn’t complete the App as I left the country.” he continued.
Sartip also discovered that their products were seriously rejected by the Islamic extremists, especially Abdullatif Salafy affiliates who is one of the Islamic leaders in Kurdistan region of Iraq. They wanted him to stop publishing the products and helping the christian preachers.

“The Shiaan groups also had bad reactions to our publications. Our social pages and accounts were hacked twice. So, I felt being targeted. ” he added.
“Hardi Mohamad Amin, one of my close friends who always helped me produce the stories was also threatened by the extremists.” Sartip said.
His family say they have now abandoned their home in Sulaimanyah. Iraq, after receiving threats from the some Islamic groups.

They were living in the south of Sulaimanyah province – which militants have been targeting – and have escaped to the villages around.

In the last decade, many activists, preachers and teachers have been threatened or killed due to working on Christian religion, in March 2012 a teacher of Media Private School in Sulaimanayah was Killed by his student inside the school.

The following is some pics of Sartip

The picture of the people whom Sartip worked with

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