The heavy snowfall mekes problem for newly arrived refugees from Rozhava

Shkoi Kurdistan

Over a thousand people from northeast Syria (Rojava) migrated illegally to the Kurdistan Region earlier this month, fleeing insecurity, economic crisis and unemployment. However, they spend their days and nights in a Duhok camp without stoves. 

Baradarash camp in Duhok province hosts 1,222 refugees who arrived in the last week from Rojava. However, they have not received stoves and oil to warm themselves up with. Instead, they use blankets to survive freezing weather.  

They migrated to the Kurdistan Region for various reasons, notably the economic crisis at home. 

Sadiqa Shukri is from Kobane. She and her three children use blankets to warm themselves up in their small tent. 

“They keep crying [at night], saying that they are cold. They hug me to warm up and I bring them blankets,” she told Rudaw on Tuesday. 

The newly-arrived refugees include 456 people who came alone. Three to five of them live in a tent. 

Water entered the tent of Issa Hawas and his friends. 

“Our blankets and pillows became wet. The snow caused us to suffer a lot. We waited until morning to dry up our goods,” he told Rudaw. 

Camp administration says stoves and oil will be distributed soon.

“We have a plan for cold weather. Firstly, we will distribute 25,000 litres of oil through [Directorate of Migration and Crisis Response] DMCR to the refugees. We will also distribute stoves in the near future,” Aram Hadi, manager of Bardarash Camp, said. 

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