Habits that damage your kidneys

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Research conducted by the National Kidney Foundation has noted over 90,000 Americans die each year from kidney-related diseases. A shocking revelation that surpasses the percentage of both prostate and breast cancer. Many of us may not be aware that our kidneys play an integral role in sustaining our lives, and keeping them healthy should be a top priority. How can this be achieved, we hear you ask? There is no one simple answer, and our genes play a part, but mainly, taking care of our daily habits – what we eat, our sleep patterns, exercise routines – is key to preventing kidney damage and keeping our bodies healthy. Of course, we can’t ignore heart health, critically important to our overall well-being, so keep reading to learn some vital tips that will help you maintain your kidneys and a healthy heart and keep you in overall tip-top health!

Use More Herbs Than Salt

The Habits You Need To Drop To Protect Your Kidneys and Heart

The Habits You Need To Drop To Protect Your Kidneys and Heart

Many people are not aware that one of the number one killers of good health is attributed to the use of salt. Of course, we will admit salt does give our food flavor, but at the same time, it puts your kidneys under more pressure in having to drain water from the body. The excess salt affects the blood flow, which may end up putting your entire body in a compromising situation. Therefore, authorities, including the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), recommend reducing our daily intake to no more than one teaspoon.

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