A Kurdish migrant suspiciously died at a migrants’ camp in Germany

Shkoi Kurdistan-

The tragic death of a Kurdish man at a migrants’ camp in northern Germany has been swirling across Kurdish social media since last week with the German authorities deeming the incident as being suicide, triggering suspicions.

The Giesen city camp administration and local authorities have alleged that on July 13, Mihvan Mohammed, 32, from the town of Zakho, set himself alight.

In response to an email from Rudaw’s Alla Shaly, Thomas Heuberger, the public prosecutor of Giesen city says investigations have shown that the deceased set himself on fire.

But Hakar Majeed, one of his close friends at the camp says he could never believe that Mohammed had ended his life.

“There is a lot of propaganda swirling that he killed himself. But from what I heard from him and given the time we spent together, I can never believe that he burned himself to death,” Majeed told Rudaw on Tuesday.

Mohammed moved to Germany in 2009, where his asylum status was rejected. He then moved to Switzerland hoping to receive a residence permit there in the neighboring country but ended up receiving another rejection before returning to Germany in 2019 where he stayed in Giesen town until he died.

The Kurdish Community Association in Germany has demanded an answer from the German police and public prosecutor about the factors behind the death of Mohammed.

It is still unclear for Mohammed’s family as to when his dead body will be repatriated to the Kurdistan Region.

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