100 stray dogs neutered in Sulaimani

Shkoi Kurdistan-

Around 100 dogs have been neutered in Sulaimani by an animal rights organization, part of an effort to bring the number of stray dogs under control. 

“These 100 dogs could have become around 1,000 dogs within a year, for each year they live,” Jutyar Zhazhlaiy, deputy head of Sulaimani-based Protecting Animals in Kurdistan (PAK) organization said Horvan Rafaat on Thursday.

He hopes neutering the animals will control the population. 

“At some point this will solve the problem of stray dogs. If we don’t do this, they will be poisoned. If we don’t do this they will be – as we see daily – they are being tortured, hit and killed,” added Zhazhlaiy.

PAK started neutering the stray dogs four months ago. According to the organization there more than 4,000 stray dogs in Sulaimani.

Stray dogs are often considered a danger and a public health issue in the Kurdistan Region. They are frequently shooed away, beaten, hit with sticks, and killed by cars. Many people are either afraid of them or fear they carry diseases.

“Since 2010, killing these animals have been banned, that’s why these animals reproduce freely. If we can’t limit this reproduction and take care of them in a shelter, it will become a problem for the people,” said Nzar Kamal, service department supervisor in Sulaimani municipality.

A veterinarian working with PAK said neutering the dogs “has a lot of health benefits” as well as improved behavior.

“In terms of behavior, they will be less aggressive and will not attack you,” said Lavin Hassan.

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