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Alan Hamasaid, Minister of Education for (Shkoi Kurdistan):

We have asked the Ministry of Finance to distribute the salaries of teachers on a monthly basis in a timely manner.

It is proposed that 4 schools be completed throughout Kurdistan this year

According to the draft law on education that we have prepared, the rights of teachers are protected and teachers should not be punished in any way during the course of their careers.

Kirkuk, Duzkhurmatu and Khanaqin education administrations increase by 4%

Interview: Shkoi Kurdistan – Erbil
During the meeting, the Minister of Education of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Alan Hamasaid, noted that education in Kirkuk and the Kurdish regions outside the Kurdistan Regional Government is being conducted in a calm and orderly manner, saying:

Regarding the construction of educational buildings, the Minister of Education stated: The project board, which was set up by the Honorable Kak Masroor Barzani for the 4th year, is proposed to be completed in 7 schools throughout Kurdistan this year.

Shkoi Kurdistan: We will start our interview with this. There are some educational problems in Kirkuk and the demilitarized zones, including the lack of books and a lack of monthly backgrounds and how many other problems, what has the Ministry of Education done to solve these problems?
The Minister of Education: In fact, there is no shortage of books in the Kurdish regions outside the regional administration and they have no problem, except that they have no prose problem, but we have suggested to the Council of Ministers that the Ministry of Finance approves the budget and the budget is 7% of the budget. Duzkhurmatu and Khanaqin.
The education process in the Kurdish areas outside the regional administration is being conducted calmly and well-organized, and their needs have been met, and an agreement has been reached on 4 million dinars to be given to the Kurdish Education Directorate in Kirkuk to buy supplies.

Shkoi Kurdistan: Despite the low monthly salaries, in many schools, the monthly salaries of teachers are delayed. What is open to solve this problem?
Minister of Education: We have spoken twice with the Minister of Finance and we have written an official letter to the Ministry of Finance, and we have signed another letter four days ago, urging young people not to double the tuition of teachers.

Shkoi Kurdistan: The change of school principals was one of the recommendations of the Education Congress, but many principals have not changed yet, what is the reason for this and when will the change of principals begin?
The Minister of Education: There is a change in the school principals, but what has happened has been a (partial) change. We have set up schools and we want to do that legally.

Shkoi Kurdistan: The issue of dropping out of schools is not the sole responsibility of the Ministry of Education, but we want to know what the ministry has done to reduce or prevent this phenomenon.
Minister of Education: The rate of dropout of students in educational institutions is really very low this year and this is very low compared to previous years. We have taken several mechanisms to reduce the rate. Fortunately this year the rate is very low. The Ministry of Education has always had different plans and programs to prevent students from dropping out of school, which we know is our duty and we have to do something in the future for those who have dropped out to return to the education process, so we will definitely see our results in the future.

Shkoi Kurdistan: Why is the proposal for the Education Bill delayed?
Minister of Education: We have prepared and sent the draft law on education to the Kurdistan Teachers’ Union to give their views on the project.
We have prepared a committee from the Ministry of Education in collaboration with experts. The bill calls for the protection of teachers’ rights, as well as for teachers not to be prosecuted in any way during the course of their careers, as well as for many other rights and privileges granted to teachers in the project.

Shkoi Kurdistan: Regarding the completion of the three educational buildings that require more than 2 billion dinars, is there any money allocated for it?
The Minister of Education: The project board set up by the Honorable Kak Masroor Barzani for the 4th year is proposed to be completed by 3 schools this year in all of Kurdistan, with priority given to the importance of the topics and requirements for those schools to be completed this year.

Shkoi Kurdistan: Despite the fact that you have suspended the licensing of private schools, but you are critical of the level of knowledge of schools and private institutions, what are you doing to raise their level of knowledge?
Minister of Education: I think the level will be the same as you are referring to, whether it is a bad level or a lot of criticism, because schools and private colleges also have a role to play in the education process, but we have a high-level committee in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education. Are we looking to the General Directorate to determine if these shortcomings have been addressed or not? More importantly, we have a project that evaluates non-governmental schools, and we evaluate them to see what their levels are. This will be announced in the future.

Shkoi Kurdistan: School holidays to be extended to prevent coronavirus?
The Minister of Education: In fact, the decision to extend the holiday due to the virus has been passed by the Council of Ministers to extend the March holidays, but no decision has been made yet.

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